Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day of rebirth

   Mother's day is a wonderful gift to remember what sacrifices your mother made to bring you into this world. The amazing gifts she fought so hard to bring to you, ever kiss upon your brow, every scolding, every smile, every frown. Being a mother is a complicated business. Not to mention a painful one.

   Loving your little one is easy when they are small. As they grow and you see your weaknesses highlighted in them, and you hope and pray they do not make your mistakes. You see the light of the world within their eyes, and are awestruck at the daily amazement's a little one can bring. As they grow they learn what they like and don't like, and how ever changing that is. They form thoughts and opinions unto themselves, they make choices every day that can affect them forever. They learn about friendships and relationships, all the while with you standing behind them, hoping and praying they always do what's right.

   Raising a child is about more than adequate love, more than discipline. It is about teaching a child to think for themselves. To believe in their values, to form values of their own. It is about teaching them to be independent, teaching them how to love others. How to have pride in themselves, and not be arrogant, how to be firm without being overbearing, how to bend without breaking. How to respect and be respected. How to find happiness that seems so fleeting these days.

To the mother's of the world, know that your fight is not one fought alone. Your struggles are the same as ours, there are not guidebooks for the best way to be a mom, how to raise the best kind of person. Love and let your little one love back, be fierce in protecting your child, and wise in exposure, and above all don't be too hard on yourself. After all we have all survived eras of child rearing and we still survived from whatever damage our ancestor's left behind.

Happy Mother's day! Have a wonderful, amazing day and enjoy your child(ren)!

         With Love,
  Naughty Bottoms <3

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