Saturday, September 21, 2013

The almighty Dollar

In the last 5 years I have grown to be a somewhat responsible adult in life, a happily married woman, and the very blessed mother of an 18 month old. What I have not conquered in 5 years of ultimate adult-hood is money.
    I have not managed my budgets, scrimped and saved to attain some great long lasting purchase or mastered telling my husband "No" to this week's dream of all dream items. I am sick and tired of it. I am tired of the minimum budget getting us no where, and for the time being, without educations to further our life dreams (of which we have yet to finalize) we have to do something drastically different from what we are doing now.

   My husband and I pride ourselves with our strong convictions, and discipline to commit to eating regiments to lose weight when we want to, or to keep our child well behaved at all times, and to stick to our guns when it matters most. Why oh why can't we just stick to a budget. Here's our answer: I never really learned. I didn't know how to operate a budget, I only knew how to operate money. I want this, and I have enough today. Never even considering what I may want tomorrow. For my husband, unfortunately everything was done for him. Not in a spoiled manner, but in a manner of "here, let me help you." (There is something to be said for letting them work out their own problems)

   So what is a wife and mother of a very small household budget to do? Cut out the crap. Literally and figuratively. I am tired of hiding from my bill collectors and I am damn tired of not being able to purchase the things I need, but can survive another week or so or indefinitely without (new underwear, tires for the car, proper working appliances, a good pair of shoes, etc.)

    I am going to attempt to get a hold on all of my financial nightmares and throw them in the burn pile. I am turning to the experts I have in my life to combine all of their ideas into a new lifestyle. I am damn crafty, I should be able to figure this out, right? God I hope so.

      Anyone want to come with me on this journey? I will be detailing my attempts, trails and errors on a daily basis. Today, I will be reorganizing my home (and for the next few weeks I imagine) and combing through my outstanding financial obligations, and coming up with a plan. Tomorrow I will begin couponing.

   I am nervous, and I am deathly afraid I will fail, but with limited options at the moment, something's gotta give.

    God Bless everyone!
p.s. tips, and suggestions would be welcome and appreciated!

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