Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 3-9: Back Logging

Hello everyone!
   Sorry for the long absence. My internet was cut off for a bit. Now that we are back in the game I will give a brief account of what everyone missed.
   Day 3: Internet was off, so we traveled outdoors for our information seeking. Not as boring as it sounds. it was actually quite an adventure! Hubby and I both began looking for better employment. Hubbsters did not realize he was making what he was making. Albeit it was a modest income, it was not enough without a second to supplement. We made our rounds, having excellent discussion to whole time, revolving around how to make us better.
    Hubby came up with excellent suggestions on lowering the electric bill. Some we are not willing to do (unplugging all 90874645 devices) but many we agreed would be easy to do. We stay in our living room 90% of the time we are home. So we can block off the vents in the rooms we do not use. Which we did with massive success! We make sure our second hand computers and other electronics are all the way off when not in use, and we are investing in dryer balls and the equipment needed to fix the dryer finally!
   Day 4: reaching quite a few dead ends on Day 3, we hit up quite a few leads on Day 4. I filled out applications for local service establishments in town, and talked to the manager of establishment #1 the very same day! He asked for a follow up the next day (Thursday). Hubby talked to some promising leads, and also got face time with a few computer repair companies. We are hopeful! Update on bathing the fatman with a wash-rag: Sometimes you just need copious amounts of water, but a full bath is unnecessary. He is thoroughly wiped down twice a day (Well, after really messy meals). I am hoping to make bath-time a twice a week occasion.
    Day 5: Hubby was able to revamp his resume (he hasn't touched it in years) To return to said repair companies. One asked for a formal interview Monday! I had an informal interview with the manager of establishment #1 and was told I will be hired, provided the primary manager ok's it. We set up a time for Monday early evening to meet her. I am very confident that I will secure this position. And very excited to be getting out of the house regularly!
     Day 6: Hubby volunteered to stay home and overhaul the house, having his handy-man dad help with repairs. Old Paw never made it, but the house looked amazing. While Hubbsters did this, the fatman and I went to a friend's to help her overhaul her new office space. We made a lot of headway. The Mother In Law (MIL from here on out) needed some time with the grandson so she came by to pick him up and entertain him for the weekend. Since we were off the parenting hook, we proceeded to celebrate by putting up all of Ethan's toys for the weekend and eating an excellent dinner, and waiting for our other 1/3 of our triumvirate, James to arrive. He helps us be more analytical about things and we teach him how to be more outgoing (with him learning faster than we are)
   Day 7 and 8: We relaxed in the evenings and made the most use of our days with a meeting of the minds. The intelligent conversations we had serve to reenergize us for the rest of the week. Keeping each other on our toes. I did not clip coupons this weekend as I was alerted to an alternate method, which I have yet to use. My coupon tutor and I will arrange to meet as soon as I get my schedule from work. Girl time is always highly valued in my book, and I don't want it to be interrupted by having to leave to go to work.
  Day 9: Hubs had his interview with positive results, but not formal hiring. My interview is only an hour off from now. Which I will also combine a trip to the store since we are in need of some items. And I am not quite sure how to get the most of my coupons yet, I will still make use of what I can.
  I have also begun developing well rounded designs to follow up with my ideas for Christmas. My brother in law is probably making out the best. MIL may be getting the second best present. And since I plan to use only things I have on hand or can acquire with little sacrifice on my part, these are going to be the most creative and best gifts I have ever given.

       In the week I was without internet I spent every evening going through my mother's original copies of the Tightwad Gazette (I and II) By Amy Dacyczyn. This is technically the first time I have actually read through them, and they are filled with more information than just pinching pennies. TG is filled to the brim with values, motivation and instruction. Not on how to be a tightwad, but why being frugal is a good thing. Teaching our kids to waste nothing, and earn the things they want leaves behind a better world for all of us. Tightwaddery is not about being deprived. It is about choosing less expensive alternatives to maintain more capitol for long off or long term buys. It gives excellent advice on living a life where choosing to repurpose something isn't about saving it, it's about wasting nothing. I highly recommend these books to anyone and everyone who wishes to leave behind a better world for our children.

  I'll be back tomorrow on Day 10 to cover my possible new employment. God bless you all!

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