Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 10: Stash it

Day 10 yeah baby!
    Finally got the dryer fixed! With almost no help from me! (I really would have preferred not to do any of it) I only had to crawl under the house for less than 5 minutes and screw a thingy. It took a really long time to tighten the clamp down over the flex tube, over the CPVC, but it's finally fixed! I am just so excited to be able to run the dryer and not sweat the whole house!
    No call backs yet from any potential employers. I still have plenty to do, so I can wait until the day after tomorrow to hear back. Currently I am taking a break from making the fatness some new diapers. I have made a few teensy adjustments so they fit him better, and I think I will post pone potty training for now because I would like to get a decent amount of use from these diapers!
  Since I am supposed to be blogging about how I am saving money or at least budgeting I would like to try and get back on track here. We have yet to make any headway on anything at the moment. But here goes.
    For the time being the water is off. That's what happens when you can't manage all your bills. It serves as an excellent opportunity to spend time with friends, using their facilities. I will be sure to make note of when the water is back on. It most definitely makes you conscious of future conservation. We are behind 4 payments on the car, still have quite a bit to go with the internet and have yet to make anything toward this month's rent or phones. Oh and the electric is adding up too. The grand sum of all these is.... a lot. A freaking lot. We are sailing on smooth waters with holes in the hull of a great ship. It's ok though. We have all the tools we need to plug the holes until we can make it safely to port. Which is probably a month or more away. Strangely, I am not stressed.
    Now, I will let you know. Putting my business out their in front of God and everybody is nerve wracking, but I would not be myself if I was not horribly honest with my fellows. We must reach a stopping point, in order to turn this thing around. God helps those who help themselves and all that. Like I told my dad the other day, I am a big girl, put my big girl panties on and everything. We will find a way to manage everything that God has given us. Money included. This just happens to be the start of me learning to be diligent in my records, and note taking.
     Well, as our world slowly begins to crumble around us, we band together to watch the flames rise higher, and bring the ashes to the ground. We will forge a new life, a new home and a new village from these remains.
     God bless everyone! I hope your days are as fun as mine!

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