Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 56 - 58: Two forward, One Back.

Hello all!

    So the water got back on yesterday! It is wonderful to be able to shower in my own home. And flush! The sad part is, if we do not come up with the money for October's rent, then November's we will be evicted.

    Our goal is to keep our home. In losing the car it will tank our credit. The mobile home we live in is working toward our credit, but every time we get called into court for a late payment and possible eviction it hits our credit again. The hubs has finally decided to go to school, starting from square 1 in fall 2014 for Computer Information Technology. He is a computer genius. With that degree, we can assure that we will never end up here again, but we have to survive the next 4.5 years.

    He is going to a military base tomorrow to get everything he needs lined up for school. There is a very good chance he will get a free ride, between my benefits and his. Hopefully he will be able to devote all his time to schooling, while I work only one job, and he continues his DJ shows. Which means living Spartan for a while, and no babies sadly, but 4 years will go by either way, he may as well get an education worth something. I am ecstatic that honey has finally decided to go to school, and that he is putting in so much effort to finally get it done. This one decision alone will change our lives for ever.

     I have also noticed how much happier my life has become since making church a regular thing. Honey has yet to go with me, but he will eventually. I have faith that something will turn up where we can get everything together and keep our little house. We plan to pay it off, sell it, and hopefully move into a home to rent 4 years from now. Owning is not what we want for a while. Maybe we will change our minds, maybe not.

     That is all for today. Keep praying that everything lines up for us, and that blessings keep coming! God bless you!


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