Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 14: Derailed - Rerailed

Hello everyone!
    I'm baaaaaack! I told you all it would take was 24 hours. I just needed to sit back and take everything in. It's a little difficult for me at times and I don't always handle it well. I would much rather see the world through my warped and tinted glasses :)
     After I had the honey removed from my house by our wonderful friends to give him a break from life, he called a few hours in to tell me how much he had to drink (again, my friends are so good to us) how much he loved me and missed me and thanked me for making him get out of the house. After that, we texted in only a manner in which we can communicate with each other. The ways of the world, how we found in the other exactly what we needed. How we find that all the time. How hard we've worked to have a good marriage, if nothing else. It was wonderful to know, that even though we don't always have everything we need, we always have each other and sometimes, that is need met enough. My husband is the best friend in the world. He is good to me and I always make sure I am good to him. I am blessed to have him to grow up with.
   This afternoon was encounters with friends we haven't seen in a long time, and it is truly amazing to have the opportunity to be in these people's lives. They may not seem important to you, but my friends are not about the drama, they care about different things, and it is nice to be around them. To know someone understands. Someone is going through what I'm going through, or been through it recently or just barely missed it. By some miracle hubby kept Ethan, and my friend's hubby stayed at my house with their youngin' and me and my girlfriend got to go out in public - the fall festival - without our babies or husbands! Let me tell you it was good! So refreshing! I cannot explain to women and men, how important it is to have luxury time AWAY from your family, they are wonderful and amazing, but it is good to remember who you are and to be yourself. With a young child like I, and my friends all have, it is not easy, but so worth finding the time.
    This evening we went to a bonfire/birthday party/ cook out at a friends. AMAZING. The best part aside from seeing good people we haven't seen in a while was watching my son. He is so well behaved (Thank you Pa for 'the board') and so easy to love, and smart and had an absolute blast! There is nothing quite like watching my son experience the world for the first time, every single day!

We are still lacking in our areas of employment, but Monday starts anew. We filed for unemployment and I think that may help. I've stopped watching the news and am only vaguely aware of the repercussions of the whole shutdown thing. I'm not a fan of the debauchery of the government these days anyway. I am positive I would be able to thrive in a dystopian society. As the days creep on by, I am less worried about what will happen and more ready for something to do.

Well, I've had a long day of good times, so it's off to bed for this chick! We live another day!
God bless you all!

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