Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Because I am not Oprah, I will not call it an "aha" moment. Epiphany is a word for a reason. That being said, let me elaborate:
      In reading the last few pages of Tightwad Gazette II By Amy Dacyczyn she begins to explain why being frugal is a good thing. What I began to see is the difference between someone who  is poor and someone who is wealthy. For years, I believed that I was poor because I don't usually have the extra money to go clothes shopping as much as some friends I had did. I never bought strictly brand name anything, I always inspected quality, then price. Even with these things running through my head, I must stop and think of all the amazing things I have, that few I know do.
    I am wealthy. I am wealthy in my intelligence which leads me to continuously make changes where needed to constantly improve. My analytical nature has brought me to track down every poor financial decision I made, and formulate strategies to stick to my guns in the future (Hello, the PT is a POS) I am wealthy because I have 20 YEARS of sewing under my belt. At 25 that is damn near unheard of! I am wealthy in my marriage. My husband and I value each other like no one else can. Yes we drive each other crazy, but I know (today) without a single doubt (even couples with 40 years wonder sometimes) that we will still be married when our children graduate college. We support each other, and help each other to grow, we respect each other (I cannot say the same for every marriage I have seen) I am wealthy in my faith in God. It is simply boundless (again today, God might send me a wonderful trail/ tribulation tomorrow) No matter what happens in life, I look to my faith. I am wealthy in my child. My son is the most incredible, coolest, most handsome kid I have EVER met in my life (maybe it's my motherly love, but those of you who have met him know...) He is crazy intelligent, looks like the poster child for Eastern European made goods, he is an absolute beast at 3 feet tall and a whopping 30lbs. 18 months old today too! His personality is the perfect combination of my husband's childlike, mischievous, 100% boy and my tinkering, mechanical and curious nature. Somehow, he is 100% himself too.
     With all of this, who could tell me I am poor? I have come to learn, that I value things far greater and more long lasting than a few transient pieces of green paper that everyone else seems to chase around with limited success and decreasing value.

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