Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 22: Revolutionary

 Hello there!

   Welcome back! as we all know, tomorrow is my first day at my new job! I am excited and a little nervous at the same time. We will discuss why in a moment. First let me divulge to those of you who don't know, I might have a teensy weensy mean streak.....

     I am nervous because I hate the general population. In one of my first blogs I mentioned how I can read people. I'm pretty good at it. So if you have an ulterior motive, chances are I know about it from the get-go, that also goes for lying, also known as two-facery. None of which I appreciate. I generally hate other girls because their issues are things I overcame a long time ago or, more commonly, all of their problems are due to their own stupidity and/or self-sabotage and they refuse to see that. I do not have time to listen to them whine. I don't even like to hear my own child whine, so their problems can go fish. My exceptions to these rules are; if they have a genuine problem and need someone to listen, if my advice is ever asked and if I have some to give. or if they are honest and upfront about anything, even if I am being a huge bitch and they feel the need to tell me.Which I posses the capacity for, and I am also good at.

    I plan to deflect all of these negative things from happening by clearly stating that I am there to make money, not friends. It is my favorite thing to do at a new job, because then the girls get it. Like I suddenly tattooed "save the drama for your mama" on my forehead! Very effective. I am even better at not making friends with these people. Someone will worm their way through, they always do, but if they get past all of my defenses, then they might actually be worth it!

     The other thing I am worried about is that I talk too much (Who, me? Nah!) So occasionally that gets me in trouble, and since I have to talk to the customers, it will be daily practice on tact and compendiousness. Might want to start by putting my adult vocabulary on the table and pulling out my grammar school one instead.

   I have done little to prepare for my big day tomorrow. I am starting to feel like a good place to start would be with The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli... A few things come to mind, such as, people do not like it when you are condescending. It is better to be thought a fool to get in close... Wow, this is getting a little macabre. Hopefully you get what I mean. In order to build yourself up, sometimes you have to tear things down. It is best to have the foresight and wisdom to know when to cut certain people from your life. My brain moves too fast for me not to play games at court. I really should have been born in another century entirely.

    I will give a full after action report on the morrow. Good Night all!
God Bless you in your endeavors!

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