Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 23: It Begins

 For once in my life I took my own advice. I sat down with one of my favorite books last night before bed; 48 Laws of Power  by Robert Greene. It is an excellent read. I only read one chapter, and one was enough. Law 30.

    In this chapter Greene discussed how it is better to hide the efforts of your labor to appear more graceful. Keep the secrets of your success hidden, like you could always do more and to keep those success tips from being used on you. The book itself is amazing, wrought with historical anecdotes, fables and general information backing every law. I only ever read it one chapter at a time when I need the philosophy of it. It leaves me to think freely and calm myself. It is much better for the absorption of the material to read it one chapter at a time. If I read too many I get overly excited. Anyway, on to my first day at work!

    I arrived 10 minutes early, because I hate being late, and I always want to get off to a good start. I did get up early enough to do my hair and makeup. I met with the manager, the lowest ranking one opened today, the two I interviewed with were off today. I started with paper work followed by learning the general rules of this particular establishment. I have worked on and off in the service industry for years, I do enjoy it, and once I got going it was business as usual. I actually felt like I had been there for years.

   All I really need to learn is the menu, which will be cake. It does feel good to be back in the workforce with the public again. Sadly I will already be missing events. My hubby is DJing for a friend this Saturday night, and I have to work, bummer. It will be my first night on tables so my first night receiving tips. Which means I have 4 days left to learn the menu well enough to answer questions. My husband is convinced he is the best server alive, so I am sure he will be sharing his secrets with me. I am fast, pretty and charming enough to do well, all I need is a little extra boost and I can blow everyone else out of the water.

   The restaurant itself is a very nice place. Clean, well maintained and a very nice sports/family atmosphere. The other employees were agreeable. I make no judgments until I get to know people, so I will keep everyone posted. I did come home incredibly tired today. It did not feel like it took that much energy, but I have been out of the serving game for a long time.

I suppose I don't have much else to say. The day went well, I received my schedule, I work every day this week except Friday. I am eager to get down with the 'training" and making some money and getting this show on the road.

Good Night folks! Have a blessed evening!

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