Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 31: Dichotomy

   The world revolves on a teetering balance. The balance between good and evil, pain and pleasure, love and hate. The more you examine everything the more you will come to realize that everything all goes back to balance. Without balance the base of everything we know would begin to crumble.

    Last night I had sat down to write, when there was a knock upon my door. It was nearing midnight and my husband and I were confused. A wonderful neighbor came to invite me over for a drink. It was amazing to make a new friend and to realize that the more people I have in my life who are not like me, the better it makes me!

    We talked about a lot of things, and what I realized is that people who do not share my mindset do not always have to be disagreeable. It was beautiful to have someone to sharpen my mind against. I know that last night will not be a one time thing. A new relationship devolved last night and although I though I could not have any more friendships, one more was just what I needed!

   Life as of right now it hitting the height of discomfort. No running water is nothing short of a disruption in life at this point. I only made $14 last night I made more than that in reality, but somehow I lost a little more than $10. Which still is not a productive night. When I prayed for the night to be lucrative, I was thinking of money. God had other plans.

    Sadly, this may have pushed getting my water back on to Friday. Friday is also the day I have to pay the electric $250 to keep it on. The issues at hand are beginning to compound and the pressure is rising. Nothing we can't handle though!  I am unsure of what else to say, simply because I don't really understand how my life is different from anyone else's. Living with no money is not really something that I think about until it gets to the point where I simply have no options. I am currently working 6 days a week and it is enjoyable and stressful at the same time.

    Before I go to work, and once I get there I pray and God gives me everything I need. I stay focused on God, and who I think I am now, and I am able to maintain an amiable presence the entire night. It is exhausting. I am so tired by the time I get home every night, and I am sad that I don't get the time with my husband and my son that I used to, but for now, I think God wants me to be around other people. Last night taught me that I have more to offer in listening (which I am not good at) and being a friend. I have nothing to ask for, and everything I need right now. It is simply convenience that I lack, and I am ok with that!

   Have a fabulous day everyone! It is time to get ready for work! Keep the balance and May God bless your footfalls!

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