Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 19: Ask and Recieve

   Alas, is the day we come full circle, breaking barriers and reaching the unachievable. Living among the stars and inhaling gold and mercury ... acting inconceivably.

     Today I got hired at a local bar and grill! I am excited because when I work outside the home I prefer to do something that makes me feel better about myself. Not serving drinks and food, but that I will be on my feet all day or night, and moving around, keeping busy, working at a fast pace. I enjoy all of those things, and they work well to help me think. or daydream. Same thing in my book!

 I had my candle party this evening, and it was wonderful! I really had a great time! It was so nice to be away from my husband and son for a little while, to just enjoy the company of other women! All of the women who came had children, and it is nice to be in the mom club. To exchange stories, and revel over our children, and just share and enjoy one another's company.

I don't have much today by way of philosophy. I am mentally preparing for being back at work.

Have a fabulous night!

God Bless!

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