Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 27-30: Synopsis

Hello all!

     Sorry I have been absent for a few days, it was quite busy here with general life stuff and work.
I believe the last I wrote was Thursday night. So let's discuss Friday.

Friday was not a fun day, it was filled with general obnoxiousness and frustration. I was pretty mad all day. I went out Friday night and it was terrible. A friend did buy me a drink, but after I had one I wanted another and couldn't so me and the hubby went home. Hubby did not get water like I asked so we had none at the house. We ended up having to go to Walmart with our ebt to get water and a little food that doesn't need water to be cooked. We ended up watching a movie and it was actually a good time.

    Saturday we organized and talked and we both had to work at 5 so we decided to meet at the bar after work. Hubby tried to go crazy because he finally had money so I had to take it and hide it from him, we did have a very good time together. It was overall a good night.

    Sunday I woke up after only 6 hours sleep, not enough to recover, the Mother in law dropped Ethan off, and I had to leave for work shortly thereafter. Work was slow, but I made a decent amount to add to the growing "turn water back on" fund. The electric company gave us until Friday to pay $246.77 to keep us going. So we are getting on the right track!

    Today I went to my friend's house down the road and filled up my water containers. I flushed my toilets and I am stripping some diapers that needed to be washed anyway. Hubby had his interview and was told the applications will be processed within the next few days and he will get a phone call. Prayers all around. I have to work this evening and I have another full week with one day off. I work mostly evenings with one day shift. I am happy that I am able to contribute financially on a regular basis. This also leaves me with plenty of time with my son, and plenty of time to continue working on my diapers. I am happy to have a way to ease the burden on my husband's shoulders of providing for a family. There is even a chance that if we can do well in the next few months that we may consider adding to the family. We already cloth diaper and breastfeed (or did breastfeed) My son eats what we eat, and we have tons of his clothes left over. I would not be above dressing a girl baby in boy's clothing. But that is something to think about at a later date....

     Well, it is time to get ready for work! I hope all of you have a blessed day!

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